Specialty Classes

Underwater Photography SpecialtyYou’ve made a few Adventure Dives and now you have a good idea of what really interests you. It’s time for a PADI Specialty Course! Remember, the Adventure Dives you did for Advanced Open Water can count as the first dive in the related specialty, so you already have a head start. Just look over the wide variety of courses in the program and choose a few that get you excited about going in the water.

Already excited about diving? Consider becoming a Master Scuba Diver. This is the highest non-professional rating in the PADI system of diver education. This rating designates a diver with a high level of commitment to continuing their diving education. To achieve this rating you just need to certify as a Rescue Diver and complete five specialty courses of your choosing. Not many people reach this level of expertise so you’ll be among an elite group!

Most Popular Specialties

Enriched Air Diver – It’s about time! Wouldn’t it be great to extend your bottom time to see more of the reef or wreck, or to take more pictures? EAN Nitrox or Enriched Air is air with a kick of extra Oxygen, which, with special procedures, can significantly and safely increase your bottom time. While Nitrox diving may seem a little more technical than some specialties, our professionals make it fun and easy to understand. Nitrox is not just for tech divers, in fact it was originally developed for research divers who needed to work at shallow depths for long periods of time. Nitrox diving is definitely for anyone who wants to spend more time underwater.

We offer the Enriched Air Diver course two ways:

  • Online academics and a private appointment (approximately 1 hour) for the classroom practical skills.
  • Classroom version (approximately 3-4 hours) using textbook with EAN tables or computer assist evaluation including practical skills.<